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Founder Tina Nguyen and her team have experienced an exciting journey over the past 8 years. You can find out exactly how CrossFit became Kraftletics here in our review.



Together with her business partners, Tina Nguyen opened her first gym in Cologne, back then called Mein CrossFit. At the same time she meets Lars Lienhard, the man who shapes and teaches applied functional neurology in Germany. He also inspires Tina with the concept of neuroathletics and trains her for a year as an athlete until she decides with full conviction that she wants to know more about the principles of neurology.


As one of the first in Europe, she successfully completes the entire Z-Health Performance training of Dr. Eric Cobb and has since used the opportunity not only to work with top athletes, but also to improve the rehabilitation of patients with brain tumors, strokes and concussions. She now understands which aspects of the central nervous system are essential for improving movement patterns and what constitutes healthy movement.



With this new knowledge, their attitude towards functional training is also changing. As a consequence, she distances herself from CrossFit and develops her own training concept. Through her experience as an athlete (2x CrossFit Games Regionals) and as a trainer, Tina realizes that CrossFit was very unsatisfactory on a number of points:

  • The intensity and method of training produced many injuries, to herself and her members.

  • Those who started CrossFit from non-athletic backgrounds were very slow at getting better at coordinative exercise

  • CrossFit's original intention of performing functional movements that were transferrable to everyday life wasn't as diverse as it should be.

  • There was also a lack of dynamics, mobility and decisiveness in athletic training. As she understood the neurology of movement, she also realized that it was these elements of training that were critical to developing fitness and improving exercise motivation.


Tina recognizes that there is a great need for a training style that combines functional training, strength training, athletic training, and applied neurology in a smart, small-group way. Over the years, she has developed KRAFTLETICS, which now forms the basis for all Black Box Athletics courses. Interest in her innovative concept is growing across Europe and she speaks at the Strength Matters Summit, Functional Training Summit and the Neuroathletic Conference in Munich, among others, about her claim to holistic group training. In workshops, she also teaches other trainers how to implement the principles of applied neurology in their courses and personal training.



This concept of making training integrative and involving more physical systems through reaction, flexibility, strength and coordination exercises has become our trademark. The most important thing is that intelligent training must always be accompanied by fun and a great training culture - and this makes Black Box Athletics a special place to train.


Since 2020, the Signature Bx has enabled you to recognize all offers that correspond to our following principles:

Movement is created in the brain - that is the core of our philosophy, which drives us and enables a real holistic, functional training.

Our trainers are bright minds who always reflect and design a new type of training program in order to coach impartially and efficiently.

Good vibes only, multicultural, laughing together, sweating and supporting each other. This is what holistic training is all about.

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