November 4, 2019

A. 4 sets

P1: 4-6 Sumo uneven BB Deadlifts @ 3331 (v_^-)

P2:  Hamstring curls with ball 5x 2 sec on each side

switch, then P1&p2 hollow hold with 10 perturbations


B. 4 sets

P1: Seated uneven KB press complex - 3P5E + 3P5C (calling colors for P2)

P2: Planking Poker chip touches (tell P1 to switch every 3-5 touches)


C. Work for 12 min in teams of 2

Row 500 m

(RD2: 400,  RD3: 300, RD4: 200 m, repeat when completed)

20 90° palette squat hop overs

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