A. 4 sets

P1 (1sps): BSSQ Plate hold with NF EJ (optional with rotation) until P1 is finished

P2 (1sps): 6-8 BBSQ into calf raise / 8-10 BSSQ jumps

P1&P2: Hollow hold 20 C&T to eachother (optional: rocking)


B. 4 sets

P1: Inverted BB row hold with 6 different head positions + ME reps

P2 (1SPS): Planking swimmer arm wipers (tells P1 to change head position every (optional with one leg up)


C. Work for 15 minutes

P1: Sled push D&B

P2: Uneven Racked KB hold

P3: Alternating plank kick-throughs