A. 4 sets

P1: 10 m walking, rotating curtsy lunges with VORC

P2: GHD roll-ups until P1 is finished

P1 & P2: 2x hollow hold 4-sequence


B. 4 sets

P1 (1SPS): 30 sec bent over row hold + ME reps

P2 (1SPS) for P1: SL glute bridges with C&T


C. In terms of 2 to share - Max 15min

P1: rows

P2 amrap then switch:

79 Athletic burpees 90 Grad

79 rot ball slams with VOR-C

79 DKB swings

79 SB over shoulder (keep in mind what the weight fo the SBs are now)

79 plate around the world

79 lat lunges with CB pressout with eye push-ups