August 29, 2019

A. 4 sets
2-3 Slow Negative Dip into transition (Final position: top of the pull-up)
90s 2-Ball Juggling with one Hand


B. 4 sets
P1: 4-6 Dips w/ 2 sec hold at bottom (weighed if necesarry)
20-30s Support Hold
P2: 20-30s Hanging Hollow Hold


C. 3 sets
P1: 8-10 UL KB Row
P2: 20-30 Plank Shoulder Taps + Foot Tap outs


D. 3 sets
5 Bear into Kick Thorugh
10 V-Ups
15s Side Plank L
15s Side Plank R
20s Hollow Hold

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