August 19, 2019

A. 5 sets

P1: 10 m uneven DKB racked reverse lunge into lateral lunge

P2 (2sps): 8-10 CB side swing into deadstop (with visual pursuit)

sps = sides per set


B. 6 sets 

P1: Seated Uneven Presss position: 3 CARS in each direction with arm at 90°

P2: Seated Uneven press position hold at 90° until P1 is finished

P1&P2: 2 leads each - Plank 4-6 Sequence (shoulder, hip, lat leg taps) 


C. 25-20-15-10-5

SA KB Hang Clean and Bottom Up Press

Rotational Slam Balls

Hanging Knee Raises

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