A. 4-6 Sets

P1 (1sps): 6-8 CB complex

front swipe into rotated deadstop with gaze stabilization

P2 (1sps): peg leg goblet squat complex

4x poker chip - 5 sec bottom hold plus 5 squats (controlled descent)


B. 4-6 sets

P1: Unven KB Chest Press hold in glute bridge until P2 is finished

P2: Push-up complex - one time for each of the following hand positions

neutral, turned out, turned back, staggered, opposite stagger


C. Work for 15 min

Jog - gate, street, around the wine house, back inside (yes-yes / no-no head saccades from gate to street only)

20 cross ground-to-halos with plate

Jog (same route as above)

20 lunges (optional lunging)