A. 6 sets

P1 (1sps): 3-5 Tempo peg leg goblet squat into SL peg calf raise @ 5555

P2 (1sps): 4-6 rotating CB pressout + rotation in lateral lunge with knee internal

perform eye push-up and VOR-C during movement

P1 & P2: Mirror hip turns and cone touches (combined) for 8 cone touches


B. 4 sets

P1: 1 length Planking rope pulls

P2: Uneven OH hold (rack heavy KB, lighter one OH) in 1/4 squat until P1 is finished


C. Work for 13 min

Run: gate> street> back (yes-yes/no-no head turns from gate to street)

1 length Zig-zag run

10 alt. lateral MB throws

1 length Zig-zag run