A. 5 sets

P1 (2sps): 8-10 hamstring curls on rower

P2: DKB Swing Complex

5 Nutmeg

5 in-out

5 suitcase

(Optional: with squat in the last 3 sets)

P1&P2: 30 sec. Each hollow hold with perturbation


B. 4 set

P1: Uneven (height difference) push-up burners

Odd sets*: 3P8E + ME

Even sets: 3P0C + ME

*choose the weaker hand position for these sets

P2: 30 sec SA hang (counts the pauses for P1 outloud)


C. EMOM 12 - 30:30 sec work:rest

1: Mirror lateral line touches, continuous (every other set go the opposite way)

2: Ball taps with air hunger (pass to wall every 10 taps with undominant foot)

3: Wall wipers