A. 6 sets

P1 (1sps): Compass lunge complex @ 1/3/5

at each position: 3-4 C&T + 3-4 lunges (optional: continue with C&T)

P2: Throwing for P1, head height)


B. 4 sets - with VORC

P1 (2sps): Planking rope pull

RD1: Abduction, RD2: Adduction, RD3: Extension, RD4: Flexion

P2: DKB racked hold until P1 finished, feet together


C. Work for 12 min - Tof3 YGIG

D&B Empty Sled push

6-8 alternating rotating ball slams (AMAP with air hunger)

*next teammate can start pushing sled while person does ball slams