A. 3 sets per side (1SPS)

Goblet Peg-Squat Complex

8 color peg touches

4 Compass @ 3/5/7


B. 4 sets

P1 (2SPS): SA Ring Row Complex

3 Shoulder blade 4CARs

4-6 rotating ring rows

P2 (1SPS): 8-10 CB complex

Side swing (with VORC) into D-Stop

To rotating press out (with eye push-up)


EMOM 10 - 40:20 sec work:rest

P1: Rowing with air hunger for 2-3 strokes

P2: Stroop skater jumps

(RD1: verbal, RD2: visual, RD3: visual + verbal, RD4: visual>verbal, RD5: verbal > visual)