A: 6 sets

P1: 8-10 DKB Sumo Deadlifts

P2: DKB sumo deadlift hold until P1 is finished

*short break: play wall catch for 1 min then switch


B. 5 Sets

P1: Chin-up burners

Odd sets: 3P5E + ME

Even sets: 3P5C + ME

P2: 3-4 /side SA CB 4CARs in lat. Lunge


C. EMOM 12 - 40:20 sec. Work:rest with a partner

1: Mirrow hip turns

2: Mirrow lat. Line touches (P1 leads first 20 sec, P2 leads last 20 sec.)

3: Cobra to squat to calf raise (optional with jump)