A. 4-6 sets

P1 then P2: Down and back uneven overhead carry*

P1 then P2: 30 sec. Hollow hold with perturbation

*Rack 1 KB, carry the other overhead. Try different breathing rhythms.


B. 3 sets per side

Compass lunge complex with 1 racked KB:

3x 3-4 C&T in lunge position directly into 3-4 lunges*

*Switch with partner after completing complex with one leg


EMOM 12 min

1: 1 suicide sprint (1st set: forward, 2nd: backwards, 3rd: lateral, 4th: forward + backwards)

2: 40 sec kneeling lateral med ball throws with air hunger

3: 15-20 push-ups***

*must be done in a row, not broken up, use a box in subsequent sets when necessary

**do not perform on knees, maintain good head-to-toe posture, especially cervical spine, and good scapula positioning

***use a breathing rhythm