A. 6 sets

P1: 3 per position - CB/KB Halos in compass lunge positions

P2: Bottom lunge (knee not on floor) plate hold (arms 90°) until P1 is finished


B. 3 sets per side

P1&P2 work at same time: 10-12 SL rotating single KB deadlifts directly into SL poker chip pick-ups with parter


1st Set:: facing each other

2nd set: outside leg facing each other

3rd set: inside of leg facing each other


EMOM 15 min - 40:20 sec work:rest

1: Rotating KB swings

2: GHD extension hold while bouncing ball on ground (optional: single legged)

3: Athletic burpees with air hunger*

*Hold breath on exhale, do as many as you can, when you have to breath again, take two in+exhales, and then try again