A. 6 Sets

P1: Clubbell swing to dead stop into compass lunge with CB press out

P2: 5 m down + 5 m back chameleon crawl (one round forward/backwards, next round side ways)*

*optional with straight legs


B. Inverted rope row complex* - 6 sets (3 per hand position)

6 shoulder blade retractions

6 rows

30 sec. hold at the top with perturbation

*optional with legs elevated on box


C. For 16 min, 40:20 sec work:rest

Round 1

P1: Rotating rope swings

P2: Block hops with lateral shuffle

*then switch with your partner

Round 2

P1: Alternating double kettlebell swings

P2: Rotating 1/2 wall climbs

*then switch with your partner