TÚPAC Pre Rebellion: 430m run


5 rounds

18 DKB Walking Lunges * = 5 Cross K2H/K2E/T2B 18 DKB Cleans * 18 DKB Push Press * 18 SA Cluster * 18 SA KB PP * 18 SA KB Cleans * 18 KB Reverse Lunges * - Post capture: 43 prisoner step downs Túpac Amaru II — was the leader of the first and largest Andean uprising against the Spanish in Peru, where its quelling resulted in his death. At age 43 on the 18.05.1781 it was attempted to dismember him as punishment for his acts. After several tries it couldn’t be don. Nonetheless he was ceased that same day. He became a symbol for the rebellion for Peruvian independence of the Spanish Empire.