A. Work for 12 min or 4 sets

8-10 Lateral into rear delt fly*

10-12 Spine twist with band (seated or standing)

*start with thumbing point to ceiling, perform lateral delt raise (to shoulder height or higher, so long as traps stay down) then bring arm lightly into to extension and hold for 3 sec.


B. Work for 15-20 min or 5 sets

6-8 Banded Sumo Deadlifts with 3 sec. pause*

*Hover 2 cm from floor, add deficit if necessary

20 sec /side UL arch hold (arms behind)


C. EMOM 12 min

20 sec. Shuttle Sprint with Burpee

20 sec. 1/2 wall climb

20 sec. athletic jumps (option with 90° turn)



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