'Emilie Augusta Louise "Lizzy" Lind af Hageby (20 September 1878 – 26 December 1963) was a Swedish-British feminist and animal rights advocate who became a prominent anti-vivisection activist in England in the early 20th century. In 1906 Lind af Hageby co-founded the Animal Defence and Anti-Vivisection Society and later ran an animal sanctuary at Ferne House in Dorset with the Duchess of Hamilton. She became a British citizen in 1912, and spent the rest of her life writing and speaking about animal protection and the link between that and feminism.'


4 Rounds - 15 m each

- First round: forwards

- Second round: backwards

- Third round: sideways

- Fourth round: other sideways


Bear crawl (butt in the air)

Ostrich walk

Crab walk

Chameleon walk


Horse walk*



*always forward

100 m racked DKB carry between each animal (leave KB outside)