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Learn and experience the foundational concepts of movement neurology for group functional training - neurology of pain, stability, and optimising your warm-up for better training effect.
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Date & Location

03. Okt. 2020, 09:00 – 17:00
Black Box Athletics, Marktstraße 27, 50968 Köln, Deutschland


Participants can expect 50% of the day to be a practical, hands on learning experience. 

Why Neurology for Coaches?

  • From CrossFit to Neuroathletik Training - Why Kraftletics
  • Neurology Basics - Introduction to the neurology of movement: Why do some athletes move better than others? Recover better than others? Or why do some athletes sustain more injuries? How come some injuries always reoccur despite being rehabilitated? 
  • The Threat Neuromatrix - Neurology of Pain: How does pain work? Why do we some people have chronic pain? Why do we have pain even though there is no physical damage? Why can’t you get rid of some pain despite constant rehabilitation?

The Big 4 Players of Stability 

  • Learn basic neuroanatomy of the visual, vestibular, proprioceptive and respiratory systems
  • Understand how these systems modulate balance, posture, and stability
  • Practice visual, vestibular, and respiratory assessments and exercises that will increase strength, speed, agility, mobility and reduce pain

Laying the foundation for applying concepts from the the Big 4 into training

  • learning the benefits of bilateral vs unilateral training through understanding movement neurology
  • understand how other training methodologies (such as FMS, FRC, etc.) fit into a neurocentric approach

The Optimized Warm-up

  • Analysing your current warm-up from a neurological perspective
  • Integrating neuro-exercises and optimising your current warm-up
  • Learn the BBXA warm-ups
  • Developing an excellent warm-up that sets your nervous system up to get the most out of a training session

Materials you will recieve

  • Printed workshop manual of Module 1 (regular 49€)
  • Warm-up templates (not available for purchase)
  • 3 warm-up routine videos & description (regular 69€)
  • Certificate of participation for KRAFTLETICS Module 1
  • KRAFLETICS Bx Seminar Module 1

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